Why You Should Not Trust Any Doorstep Gold Buyers: They May Be Scammers

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Gold Jewellery, Jewellery, Jewellery Buyer

The price of gold has risen again recently as investors sought surety amid concerns after the pandemic outbreak, but scammers are also encapsulating the surge. The demand for gold and diamonds is on a constant hike, and with that, the numbers of scammers who pretend to be legitimate gold traders attempt to dupe the investors. As experts suggest, scammers use tactics while counterfeit products are becoming more upgraded. In the last few decades, professionals have started noticing an increase in the fraudulent activities that clients report. If you have pieces of old jewellery, of Gold, Diamond, or Jadau, that you want to sell due to any financial crisis or to get rid of the jewellery simply, you need to check a few factors in the beginning only. 

In the course, you must not rely on any doorstep gold buyers, as they might turn out to be scammers. In a doorstep scam, someone calls you to your front door out of nowhere, intending to trick you into robbing you of your money. You might get under pressure while dealing with someone in person. Sometimes, the situation can be more challenging than dealing with other types of scams, such as online or phone scams. Even in case, the doorstep gold buyers are not fake, they do not have accurate measuring machines; so they are unable to evaluate your gold rightly and offer you the best price. If you intend or need to sell your jewellery, come to Cash On Old Gold, the leading Gold Jewellery Buyer in Kolkata , without delay. The professionals at our store accurately evaluate your gold and offer you the best price for your jewellery.

Why You Should Not Trust the Doorstep Gold Buyers 

Gold scams often play on emotions, where scammers establish “trust-based” communication with the victim. In most cases, the scams revolve around the gold buyer’s desire to avoid taxation, with promises of anonymity. It has been an effective tool for those looking to prey on gold owners. Anonymous or offshore storage options are always available, but they do not exist. The doorstep gold buyer may allure you with a lucrative price for your precious metal and gem pieces of jewellery and take advantage of your trust; they fool you using various tricks. It might happen that you may not even get a single penny in return for your gold jewellery, and the Gold Buyers will vanish from the entire scenario. At times, it may also happen that the buyers will try to confuse you and convince you with a low price for your expensive old jewellery pieces. You may also look for online reviews on the websites. Gold experts advise that the most effective way to avoid scams is to deal only with reliable and established dealers with licences. Here lies the role and relevance of Cash On Old Gold in buying your old gold jewellery, offering you the best deal. 

Why Choose Cash On Old Gold? 

The Gold buyers at Cash On Old Gold buy old gold, diamond, and jadau jewellery from the Indian sellers. The experts examine the quality of the jewellery and offer you the best price in return. The professionals believe in immediate action, so you will enjoy instant payment just after the verification process is over. The customers receive the best price for all kinds of gold and diamond ornaments the company buys from them. 

We are a leading Gold Jewellery Buyer brand in Kolkata, and you can sell your old diamond and gold jewellery to us at the best price after meeting all your queries. In case you want to get rid of one of your jewellery pieces or need immediate monetary resources due to any financial crisis, directly come to the store and consult our experts. 

The brand consultation team will directly inform you about the price range before melting the piece of jewellery. At Cash on Old Gold, the professionals test your jewellery by scientifically approved testing machines, ensuring you with the right amount for your old gold and diamond jewellery. Once the professionals confirm the quality of the metal, the assessment team will calculate the price depending on the net weight. The professionals instantly send the amount to the bank account in cash or through RIGS or NEFT, based on your convenience. In this store, you are not under any compulsion to sell the jewels post-valuation. You can also check the jewellery by other jewellery buyers to be confident about the appropriate market value of the jewellery.

The company offers exclusive opportunities for cash for gold, diamond, or jadau jewellery in Kolkata. Since its establishment, the jewellery buyer brand has gradually grown and expanded and become one of the top-notch business hubs dealing with the gold jewellery transaction, in cases of first and second-hand diamond and gold dealings, along with loan facilities against gold and diamond. The brand has established a high reputation in the country with its ethical and devoted approach. The most significant reasons are, as goes below,

1. Unique Approach 

The brand has made its name amidst the crowded competition with its uniqueness and work ethic. The organisation offers a variety of services and opportunities for its broad customer base, depending on various needs and requirements, resulting in excellent customer satisfaction. You can sell your valuable jewellery as a source of money instead of safely keeping all your precious, unused jewellery in the deposit vault. You can also sell your gold jewellery online in today’s digitalized era.

2. Quality Services 

The jewellery buyer brand has become one of the most eminent names in the industry with its complete clarity in every deal. When it comes to service transparency, the company professionals follow a set of simple and practical steps to complete the process. You can get instant cash by selling your gold jewellery at the best price. Depending on the result of the evaluation, you will receive money either in the form in-hand of cash or through a direct bank transfer. 

To Conclude, 

The customers do not need to be worried about the types of gold and diamond jewellery that Cash on Old Gold accepts to offer them money in return. The Gold Buyer brand accepts all kinds of ornaments, such as necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets, bracelets, bangles, chains, as well as bars and coins. The blog has explained the reasons to avoid the doorstep gold buyer and choose Cash on Old Gold, without delay, to receive the right amount in return for your valuable pieces of jewellery.