Jadau Jewellery and Its Perks

What is Jadau Jewellery?

The art of Jadau jewellery was introduced to India during the Mughal empire. Since then, the efficient artisans in Rajasthan and Gujarat have been in constant practice to craft Jadau jewellery with utmost excellence. Jadau is a unique jewellery-making technique where the artisans heat pure gold and beat the metal into shape when it becomes pliable. The craftspeople embed precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls into the malleable gold frame without the use of any adhesive. One of the most prominent features of the jadau jewellery is the meenakari artwork engraved on the rear of every piece of ornament. Since the inception of jadau in the Mughal era, the jewellery has become one of the most popular gold ornaments in the western Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Gradually, the Indian artisans have perfected and polished the jewellery art by adding a unique aesthetic touch to the original technique. Bikaner is the Jadau hub of India, where artisans design jadau jewellery on 24-karat gold. Currently, the city houses above 15,000 proficient jadau jewellery makers.

Jadau jewellery is also popularly called engraved jewellery. The artisans use higher karat gold to design the pieces of ornaments and make the meenakari artwork look more vibrant in the hue of bright-coloured gold. In ancient times, the jewellery makers used 22-karat gold in the jewellery pieces that had no meenakari work. It takes intense dedication and undivided attention to minute details and subtlety to create a fine piece of jadau jewellery. It needs a team of trained and skilled jadau artists to execute the jewellery-making process with undivided attention. Chiterias design the jewellery, Ghaarias engrave the stones, and enamellers decorate the jewellery’s back with meenakari artwork. Jadau jewellery holds a strong heritage value that reflects the royalty and traditional vibe of the Indian subcontinent. Now, the question is, if you want to sell Jadau Jewellery for any reason at the best price, what is the solution? Cash On Old Gold is a Kolkata-based top jewellery buyer company that offers the sellers the right price in return for their jadau jewellery.

Bright Sides of Wearing Jadau Jewellery

Traditional jadau jewellery used to be much more elaborate and gaudy, whereas modern craftspeople have switched to the contemporary fancy designs that youngsters like the most. In any way, the jewellery mirrors a royal look, and Indians mostly buy pieces of jadau jewellery on special festivals and occasions. When you wear a single piece of jadau jewellery, whether it is a neckpiece, bangle, bracelet, earrings, or brooch, it completely changes your look to an extraordinary level. The advantageous aspects of wearing jadau jewellery include:

  1. The traditional jewellery piece looks exceptionally unique, used in meenakari, polki, and kundan artworks. Wearing a piece of jadau can attribute you a distinct, ethnic look.
  2. The artisans design the traditional 25-55 jewellery style without using any technicality. The pieces of jewellery are entirely handcrafted, radiating an authentic look.
  3. The pieces reflect an absolute cultural legacy, one of the most ancient jewellery-making methods with a fascinating history.

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