Cash against gold

Where to Sell Gold for Cash Kolkata

We offer instant cash against the gold product you bring. We offer our customers various opportunities to sell their gold ornaments to us against which we pay them the maximum value of the product. Most of the gold exchange companies will refuse to buy a small amount of gold jewellery or tilted and broken jewellery, but we do not have such terms and conditions for our customers. We accept any kind of piece that our customers bring to us. Your valuable piece can get its best deserving price from us and we do not have any restriction on the amount of gold you bring. We buy any quantity and any quality and offer the best price for the same.


Our Speciality:

We possess an expert and active team of professionals who deliver you best service to the people who come to us. If you call us first before coming then they will talk to you politely and without taking much time they will provide you with the maximum information regarding our services. If due to any reason the customer is unable to come to our office to sell their gold jewellery then we will take his appointment and send a representative to his place. An expert professional from our team will go to your house or office with the important gadgets which are required for the evaluation of the gold jewellery and offer you the best deal for it. We deliver both cashless and cash transactions according to the choice of the customer.


Highlights of our Gold Exchange for Cash service:

  • We don’t have any hidden costs, and we do not charge anything to evaluate your jewellery.
  • We go for a free home visit, and we don’t charge anything to reach the mentioned location. The pick of and drop of your valuable jewellery is completely free of cost.
  • We don’t have any restriction on the minimum quantity of gold you sell to us. You can bring any type of jewellery consisting of any weight and any condition. There is perfect liberty regarding this.
  • We will do the deal in front of your eyes and there will be no change of any forgery or fraudulent activity that we guarantee. Transparency is our motto and we value our customers most.
  • You do not require doing much paperwork for your selling procedure. We will just have nominal paperwork, which is also for the security purpose only.

Sell your gold following an easy process:

  • Contact Cashforoldgold and talk to the executive to book an appointment.
  • On the stipulated date and time bring your gold jewellery to us.
  • Our gold evaluation team will work on the evaluation process of the pieces you bring in front of your eyes.
  • We will offer you the best deal for the gold you have.
  • You give the consent and the deal is closed.
  • We pay you in cash, or we can even perform cashless transactions according to our customer’s preferences.