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Bring your UNWANTED Gold, Diamond Jewellery to Our Head Office: Bhawanipur – Near Paddapukur & Chakraberia High School
Your Jewellery will be tested and valued in front of your eyes without melting or damaging it


We will give you the highest market value of your old jewellery. (We will not force you to exxhange with new jewellery)

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On acceptance of offer you will be paid on spot.

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Fully transparent process in front of your eyes



Follow completely computerized XRF machine technology

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Using current market rate we can give you the best offer for your old jewellery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the assurance that I am getting the right value of my Old jewellery?
Aishwarya Diamond Jewellery is a 4th Generation Jewellery Manufacturing Firm trusted by many jewellers in kolkata.
We buy at Prevailing Market Buy Rates of Kolkata Gold & Diamond Federation.
Is there any minimum Quantity of Jewellery that i can sell?
No requirements of any minimum Quantity, any number of pieces or any weight is purchased by us.
How will I get the payment?
Instant Cash /NEFT/RTGS or CHEQUE which ever You want.
Can I get valuation done at my home ?
Incase of Special cases, we give you facility of Valuation at home at a very minimum Charge as per situation. But since all the setup is in the head office, we would prefer you bring the jewellery to our office and get instant payment for Your gold in Kolkata.

What we Buy

Sell Gold for Cash Online

Gold Bars

Sell Old Gold Jewellery


Cash for Gold

Broken & Damaged Gold/Diamond/Polki Jewellery

Exchange Gold and Diamond for Cash

Diamond jewellery Above 15 years Old


It’s a genuine place to sale yours old gold jewelry and buy diamond. l have a great experience there and the behavior of the staff is so good.

Srinjoy Biswas

Excellent service to the core.. A must visit if one needs the best value rewarded.

Kingshuk Chakraborty

I am very pleased and satisfied with Aishwarya The Diamond Jewellery. i got the right price for my valuables. Moreover the hospitality was outstanding. I recommend to everyone to visit this place because they will get the right price for their valuables. I wish them prosperity.

Review Anjana Tripathy

I am extremely happy and more than satisfied with the Customer Orientation of-“Aishwarya The Diamond Jewellery.” I received the best prices for my valuables. Moreover the hospitality and professionalism was outstanding. I recommend everyone to visit this place because they will get the right price for their valuables. I wish them a lot more prosperity and a flourishing journey ahead.

I am so happy for their service. I am so grateful of them.

I had visited Aishwarya The Diamond Jewelry, Bhowanipore branch and I was so happy to be a customer since I got best rate also they provided instant IMPS transfer to my bank account, also staff are highly professional and timely support. I strongly recommend Aishwarya The Diamond Jewelry. Specially Thank You MANSI.

Adrian brody

When my father needed an emergency operation, I took all the jewellery and sold gold for cash, I had dealt with them earlier also. The first time I took a loan was from them to set up my parlor four years ago. Luckily, i was able to repay the money and get my gold back. I went to them as soon as the doctor told me and within minutes, they had assessed the true value of the gold. They gave me a receipt and transferred the money to my account. Thanks to their quick transfer and fair assessment, my father got his operation! –

Adrian brody

Just an amazing experience there…the owner the workers are very polite and i got the best rate there….i will recommend please at least visit here once before selling your jewellery


We, at Aishwarya Jewellery, purchase the old used gold and diamond jewellery from Indian Citizen. We offer them to sell gold for cash. We believe in instantaneous action; thus, you can expect immediate payment no sooner than our verification process is over.

We promise instant cash for all kinds of gold and diamond-set ornaments we purchase from our customers.

Aishwarya Jewellery is one of the leading jewelry purchasers in India. You can sell old Gold & Diamond Jewellery to us. Bring the ornaments, necklaces, etc. to our head office at Bhawanipur, Kolkata. Our location is adjacent to the Chakraberia High School near Paddapukur of Bhawanipur.

Select the ornaments you do not need anymore and bring those to our office. Our expert testing team will test the jewels in front of your eyes. The valuation process is free. We won’t melt those before your consent for the same.

Our consultation team will inform you about the prices before the melting process. Once the materials are proved okay for our purpose, the assessment team will calculate the price based on the net weight found.

You are not bound to sell the jewels post valuation. You are free to get it valued by other jewellers as well as we at Aishwarya Diamond Jewellery are confident about our quotes because we intend to provide the highest market rate of your jewellery.

You can sell gold or diamond and get instant payment.

We can send the amount to your bank account through NEFT or RTGS or cash, as you want it.

Cash for old gold in Kolkata

We are providing an exclusive opportunity on cash for gold in Kolkata. Established back in the year 1996, Aishwarya has gradually grown to be one of the leading business houses dealing with gold jewellery transactions, both first as well as second-hand gold and diamond dealings, loan facilities against gold and diamond. Not only in the city, but it has become a significant name in the country too because of its dedicated services and honest efforts.


Exclusivity lies in the uniqueness of the designs and presentations of every single piece of jewellery produced by the organization. Proof lies in the craftsmanship that each of their products is a harvest of consistent effort and utmost dedication supported by extraordinary creativity. The luxuriousness of the royalty of Rajasthan gets handcrafted in the form of jewellery here.

It is especially noted for the intricately designed regal jadau sets and polka jewellery. The wide range of styles and fashion will never fail to appeal to your tastes and senses. The organization always takes into consideration the style as well as the budget of the customers. Therefore, the span of the range of their products expands quite widely to ensure utmost customer satisfaction of their wide and ever-expanding customer base.


Not only as a producer and manufacturer of unique gold and diamond jewellers but Aishwarya is also listed among the dealers of loan against gold and diamond as well as second-hand gold and diamond jewellery buyers. Depending on the varied needs and requirements of its wide customer base, the organization offers a variety of services and opportunities to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Rather than keeping all your valuable jewellery locked up safely in your deposit vault, you can utilize it as a source of income. You can sell gold for cash in Kolkata through this esteemed business house. In this era of digitization, when everything is going digital, you can also sell gold for cash online. Aishwarya is one of the most trustworthy organizations in this respect.

Procedure for acquiring gold for cash

There is no question about the transparency of the procedure of selling gold through Aishwarya The Gold Buyer. Following certain simple yet effective steps this process is completed. Get Instant Cash to Sell Your Old Gold jewellery in Kolkata at best price.These steps are as follows:

Firstly, visit the relevant gold-selling counter of the organization for correct evaluation.
Then the experts remove all the dirt and impurities that get accumulated on gold over time and usage.
Using the latest advanced technologies, the weight, purity, and the correct value of the gold are evaluated based on the prevalent market price.

Based on the result of the evaluation, you receive the money instantly either in the form of liquid cash or through bank account transfer, depending on the value of the gold.

You may enjoy your pride of possession about your locked-up valuables but it may act as your friend in times of unforeseen financial needs and emergencies. Aishwarya has become one of the most noted names in the industry through the retention of utmost transparency in every dealing. Honest business policies supported by a competent and highly attentive customer service support team are the two prime reasons for such uncontested success of the organization in this particular genre of the industry.

Products accepted for cash for gold in Kolkata

There is no reservation regarding the types of gold jewellery that are accepted here. Aishwarya accepts all sorts of gold ornaments like necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, chains, bangles, etc as well as gold bars, gold coins too. Be it online or offline sale, you receive the money instantly either as hard cash or as a bank account transfer, provided all the business criteria of the organization are duly met. For quick cash needs, sell old gold jewellery here.