Old Gold Jewellery Buyers

Selling gold is better than taking a loan against gold

Gold is one of the precious metals that are accepted all over the world for its excellent value. We can look better with valuable gold ornaments and when not in use we can make money by selling those ornaments. So gold is the most important investment industry of the present time. People in rural villages used to mortgage their jewellery to some moneylender against which they could get money. If the money could not be returned then the moneylender would have taken the jewellery. This was a simple way of accumulating emergency money. Later a lot many agencies developed in the cities too which started lending money against gold. A lot many problems are associated with the gold loan as the interest rates are higher. So it is in a way better decision for you to sell your unused jewellery because you will be offered the price depending upon the current value of gold.


Gold loan v/s Highest Cash on Gold:

  • You have to pay the interest on your loan while your jewellery will be mortgaged to the agency from where you are taking the loan.On the contrary, you can get the full amount which will be the value of your gold item at once as we offer instant cash against your gold jewellery.
  • In a gold loan, you will be offered only a fraction of the market price of the gold item you possess. They will keep it as a mortgage and you will be offered an amount that might not be sufficient for your need.On the other hand, we will offer the full and final value of the gold jewellery you bring to us according to the market price. Thus our service is much effective to get away with your financial problem.
  • If you fail to pay the instalment of the loan you are taking against the jewellery then the lending agency will sell your jewellery in the market and get their money back and you will have to do nothing regarding this. So you have not got the complete value of your product and you missed it too.But our service will offer you instant cash on your gold item and you will not have to regret your decision of selling old gold. You cannot get more valuation of your gold than we will offer you.

Our uniqueness:

We don’t have any restrictions regarding the type or size of gold jewellery that you come to sell. We accept even broken and damaged jewellery. Gold ornaments starting from rings, earrings, anklets, bracelets, chains, and necklaces to gold bars and coins are accepted by us. If you want to get cash in exchange then we will give you that, and if you wish to have a cashless transaction then we will help you with a bank transfer. You can come to our office or else we can go to your place for a pickup. Our transparency is our business strategy. So you can blindly trust us with your gold!