From Heirloom to Cash: The Emotional Journey of Selling Diamond Jewellery

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Sell Old Gold Jewellery

Shiny, precious diamonds reflect elegance and beauty. However, in dire need, beholding worthy diamonds will seldom help you earn money. The lack of provision for investment in diamond jewellery deters many from buying diamonds. However, if you inherit diamond jewellery, you can easily earn a significant amount of money by selling it to profitable buyers. How? This article discusses the process of earning cash by selling unused diamond jewellery, potentially turning your unused assets into a substantial financial gain.

 1. Appraise Your Diamond

Before approaching any diamond jewellery buyer, you must have all the details about the quality, purity, and weight of the jewellery. Therefore, find a diamond appraiser who will certify the quality of the jewellery.


Reach out to the expert gemologist or diamond appraiser who has the technical prowess and authority to certify the diamond jewellery. Tell the appraiser that you want to sell the diamond and need a certificate. They need to know the actual purpose of appraising diamonds to mention the critical details in the certificate that will help you get the right price.


Otherwise, many reputed gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata can help you out. At Cash On Old Gold, people sell old gold jewellery as well as old diamond jewellery. The expert team will test and appraise the diamond jewellery to offer you the best possible price.

2. Appraise the Value of Setting

In diamond jewellery, the base of gold or silver is also worthy of deciding the overall price. A naive person would separate the diamonds from the gold or silver base to appraise the value of both. However, there is a better solution.


Therefore, trust only the best who have expertise and speciality in buying old diamond jewellery. The successful gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata who also accept diamond jewellery have all the necessary equipment and technologies to measure the value of a diamond and its base without leaving a scratch on the jewellery.

3. Decide the Price to Offer

If your precious diamond jewellery has diamonds studded in a gold base, then you need the value of both the diamond and gold. Shops selling old gold jewellery can offer you a price for diamonds and gold. But we suggest looking for other shops to get the right price for the jewellery.


You can do basic research online to identify the retail price of similar jewellery. The quality of diamonds does not decay with time. However, gold loses its texture, colour, and value. Therefore, searching for the price of similar jewellery that matches the quantity and quality of your precious ornament can help you estimate the cost.


You must approach at least 2 to 3 diamond jewellery buyers in Kolkata to understand the market value of your diamond jewellery. Remember that the value of the diamond depends on its purity, cuts, colour, and weight. Do not fall prey to any fraudulent buyers. Trust only the best in the industry.

4. Find a Buyer

Finding a potential buyer is challenging if you choose randomly. Selecting the buyers with adequate search and evaluation takes time and effort. The best way to identify reputed diamond jewellery buyers is to assess their online presence, customer reviews, industry exposure, and overall response.


When it comes to selling your diamond jewellery, it’s crucial to find a buyer you can trust. Look for reputable gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata who also deal with diamond jewellery. These professionals have the expertise, technology, and systems to accurately assess the value of your precious items, ensuring you get a fair deal.


Their hard-earned reputation as buyers will help you crack the best deal in the market. Their professionalism and transparency will ensure that you get the appropriate value of diamond jewellery without making any loss.

5. Sell the Diamond Jewellery

Once you complete all the preliminary processes of evaluating the value of the diamond jewellery, setting a price, and finding a potential buyer, you are just on the right page to sell the jewellery. However, ensure that you have all the papers and proofs ready, mentioning diamond and gold values, weight, and purity.


Similar to following the transparent process of selling old gold jewellery, selling diamond jewellery requires adequate documentation of transactions and other methods. Be aware of any additional charges you need to pay before making the final deal. Maintaining clear communication and transparency in every contact with potential buyers will safeguard your needs.


Take time and make an effort to identify the potential buyer of your precious diamond jewellery. High-quality diamonds can help you earn lump sum money if you find the right destination to sell the product. Cash On Old Gold offers an online facility to assess the diamond jewellery and sell it to the company while staying in the comfort of your home. The experts will visit your place and evaluate the diamond while offering the best price in the market. So hurry and place an order today! You may earn a lot of cash through your unused old diamonds.


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