All About Jadau Jewelry – Types, Designs, And History

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Jewellery

Jadau is a technique of jewellery making. It uses pure gold to make a malleable structure. This structure is used as a frame where precious gems are studded. While encasing the precious stones, artisans use no adhesives. The usage of this type of jewellery originated in Jaipur and Bikaner. Today it has grown in popularity among many Indians. The most exquisite Jadau jewellery pieces were created during the time of the Mughal dynasty. The artisans of the Mughal era created bangles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and arm cuffs as the most common Jadau jewellery. The article will discuss various aspects of this jewellery to help readers know more about the unique ornament that best fits any glamorous occasion.

Types Of Jadau Jewelry

The jadau jewellery is designed in traditional form. The key types of jewellery are bangles, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and arm cuffs. The artisans use gold frames to encase various precious metals. It offers an exuberant outlook to the ornament. The design of the jewellery differs with different materials used. 

Pearl studded jadau jewellery looks different from diamond studded jewellery. In the context of styling the ornaments, the artisans choose heavy designs. It makes the jewellery glamorous. When different types of crystals and metals are studded, the focus remains to make the jewellery colourful.

However, many jewellery shops customize the design based on user requirements and demands. The cost of the jewellery is considerably high. The more precious metals are studded in the pure gold frame, the more it increases the price of the ornament. 

Designs Of Jadau Jewelry

The jadau jewellery has designs of traditional outlook. The designs are heavy and glamorous. The bangles are wide and offered in large numbers. The earrings are mostly big. It mostly contains jhumkas. The necklace and bangle designs contrast the design of earrings. The height of the earring almost touches the shoulder. However, the users do not find it difficult to carry. But, when many crystals or precious metals are studded in earnings, their heavy weight makes it difficult to move heads swiftly.

The design of bracelets and arm cuffs represent the ornaments of warriors of Mughal emperors. These are mostly wide in structure with fabricated designs on the body. Many bracelets and arm cuff designs are developed with studded crystals in a structured way. The key focus remains to not make the ornaments look light in design and overall structure. 

History Of Jadau Jewelry 

The art of making Jadau jewellery originates in the era of the Mughals. Later the technique gained popularity in Jaipur and Bikaner. Gujarat and Rajasthan are famous for making Jadau jewellery. It takes laborious effort to engrave each diamond, metal, or crystal in the structure of Gold or other metals to complete the jewellery. 

The Jadau term originates from the root word Jad which means to embed. It has popular usage in making Kundan, Meenakari, and Polki jewellery. The Chiterias, a group of artisans, design the jewellery. The Ghaarias, another group of artisans, create the engraving structure using pliable gold. After finishing the encasing of the stones in the base structure, the enameller designs the back side of the jewellery as per meenakari work.

The artisans follow Mughal traditions in making the jewellery. There have been a lot of changes in the design, structure, and other aspects. However, this jewellery has never lost its elegance. That is why the Indians wear the jewellery in pious ceremonies such as weddings, festivals, and other ceremonies.

Today many shops sell Jadau jewellery by promoting the legacy of Gujrat and Rajasthan. Many people consider it traditional because of its structure and design. However, few people can trace its relevance to the Mughal era. The Indians love the design of the jewellery. Today, the jewellery is available as pearls studded. It reduces the price of the jewellery considerably. There are many imitations of Jadau Jewelry available in the jewellery industry. But authentic products offer high value and are available at a high price. 

What To Consider While Buying Jadau Jewelry 

While buying Jadau jewellery, you must consider various factors to ensure that you buy authentic products. You shall find detailed discussion about those factors below.

Purity of Gold: The Jadau jewellery has a gold casing. You must check the purity of the gold before buying it. The purity of the gold must not be less than 22 Karat. Checking the purity of the gold will ensure that you buy an authentic product.

Opt for Kadas or Earings: If you are planning to wear the jewellery with casual wear, you must go for kadas and earnings. The designs of Jadau will offer you an unusual look which will allow you to stand out. However, if you plan to buy jewellery for a grand wedding, you must buy necklaces. Without it, the wedding look will be incomplete. 

Check the Weight of the Jewelry: Many online shops sell Jadau jewellery which does not allow you to check the weight of the jewellery. However, mostly the Jadau jewellery is heavy. You must check the weight before buying it to understand how much weight you can carry. 

Go for Natural Stones: Suppose you are interested in buying Jadau jewellery. In that case, you must choose jewellery studded with untreated and natural stones because the treatment of stones reduces their quality and makes them vulnerable to wear if kept for a long period. 

It is not Cheap: Many duplicate Jadau jewellery is available in the market. Do not be provoke yourself in buying  those jewellery. It takes a lot of effort and time to make the jewellery. Therefore, the high price of the jewellery will speak of its preciousness and authenticity.

These are the key aspects of Jadau jewellery which make it unique from other traditional jewellery. The new generation prefers mixing tradition with modernity. They choose contrast over anything boring. This sentiment has populated the trends of wearing Jadau jewellery. Besides, many Indian users look for the best traditional alternative while buying jewellery. The product with a rich history does not disappoint them.