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Cash on Old Gold offers a unique opportunity to encash gold ornaments at market price. We are one of the leading facilitators in the industry to help consumers get the right value for the yellow metal. Your jewellery will be in safe hands and will be judged by expert Johari. Our integrated team takes pleasure in serving consumers who are in urgent requirement of cash. We take pride running this business since 1996.

  • Today, the market reads consumer sentiment and sets a price based on that. We read your need and offer you a price based on the market value. So, you will get the cash amount in return for the Gold based on the prevailing market rate. However, when it comes to buying old Gold we take pride in judging the best value of the Gold by technical testing, weight mapping, decay identification, hallmark evaluation, and others.

  • As a registered organization, we offer the best services to consumers based on necessary legal measures. The old golds, which do not have any hallmarks, are tested here to assess the right price. We take pride in timely assessing of valuable gold product of any quantity or volume.

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    Benefits of Cash For Old Gold and Diamond

    Maximum Value For Your Gold

    Simple Documentation

    Ready Cash for Customer

    Same Day Release of Your Money

    Trusted Gold Buyer

    No Hidden Charges

    Cash for Gold at Home

    Gold is one of the precious metals that are accepted all over the world for its excellent value. We can look better with valuable gold ornaments and when not in use we can make money by selling those ornaments. So gold is the most important investment industry of the present time. People in rural villages used to mortgage their jewellery to some moneylender against which they could get money.


    Decades Of Experience

    We have been operating for more than 20 years. Our leadership lies in the gold transaction, value assessment, consumer handling, cash delivery, and others.

    100% Genuine Gold Selling Process

    We are popular old gold buyers in Kolkata. We take gold products with or without bills or purchase memos. We prefer to buy old gold.

    Instant Cash For Your Purchase

    Unlike other old gold buyers, we offer instant cash. Our expert team verifies the old Gold and offers cash on the same day.

    Highest Paying Gold Buyer In Kolkata

    We follow the factoring process to decide the value of old Gold at the present market price. So, you can expect a higher return for the old gold products.


    Why you must sell old Gold 

    Today is the right time to encash your old Gold. The gold price is soaring high. It will continue for a long period from now. If you sell Gold when the market responds positively, you will get better value in cash by selling old Gold. The appreciated value of Gold will help you to earn more. But, it will cause you to lose more if you buy Gold now. Cash for Old Gold offers you a unique opportunity to sell Gold, earn money and pay your debt.

     As an old gold jewellery buyer, Cash on Old Gold offers you to get rid of old-fashioned gold jewellery at the best price and buy new ones with the cash. This is better than exchanging your old gold jewellery for new ones at a jewellery store, because they will retain your old jewelleries to make profits and thus will not offer the best prices for them. 

    Why Cash on Old Gold is Preferred

    Cash on Old Gold has expertise in understanding the need and values of customers. We understand the sentiment associated with your old gold jewellery. We value your requirement for cash. That is why we maintain authenticity and transparency in offering the best value for old Gold, the best return in cash, and the best services to our customers. We take pride in serving you in the time of your need. We also offer cash for diamond jewellery and support you with selling other precious metals. We welcome you to visit our store and access our services.

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