Why is Gold Jewellery Becoming More Popular in Men

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Why is Gold Jewellery Becoming More Popular in Men


Over the past few years, the trend for gold jewellery has seen a sharp focus towards men. Jewellery, a prime love of women, is now capturing the attention of style-conscious men across the country. The rise in popularity of gold jewellery in men is nothing short of remarkable, as men from every walk of life embrace the possibilities of this precious metal in their style statements. 

This growing fascination for gold jewellery among men can be attributed to different reasons. The effect of the growing trends in the fashion industry, celebrity influence, and the conscious efforts of the gold jewellery makers to produce jewellery customised for men are among the few reasons that are propelling the growth of gold jewellery use in men. 

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Factors Contributing to the Rise of Gold Jewellery in Men

The increasing popularity of men’s gold jewellery can be attributed to a number of factors that have propelled it in recent times. 

Celebrity Influence

Celebrity influence plays a major role in shaping the trends of the fashion industry, and gold jewellery is no exception. Influential and popular male figures are seeing to sport gold jewellery, and that is capturing the attention of individuals who want to explore the possibilities. From Hollywood actors to sports stars, gold jewellery is quickly getting popular among influential male characters, and that is a major reason why gold jewellery is getting popular among fans and men from all walks of life. 

The Focus of the Fashion Industry on Men

The fashion industry has also recognised this growing trend of men’s gold jewellery and has responded with dedicated collections and runway showcases. Designers, having noted this growing love of gold jewellery among men, have started curating menswear collections with diverse features and designs, providing ample choices for fashion-conscious individuals to have a taste of gold jewellery. This increased focus on men’s gold jewellery has increased the acceptability and encouraged men to experiment with gold jewellery as a valuable accessory. If you want to sell gold for cash in Kolkata, you can always approach us for the best rates. 

Increased Accessibility

Another factor that has contributed to the growing demand for gold jewellery among men is the greater accessibility to them with each passing day. The rise of e-commerce and dedicated retailers focusing on men’s gold jewellery have created a convenient avenue for men to indulge in these luxurious pieces. Today, men’s gold jewellery comes in different styles, designs, and price ranges and has something for everyone in the store. 


Personalisation and customisation have further paved the way for the popularity of men’s gold jewellery. Gold pieces are being increasingly personalised by engraving initials, symbols, or special dates, and this fact is also a factor in the growing trend in men’s gold jewellery. Men are now getting access to jewellery pieces with a touch of personalisation, which increases the value of these pieces from normal jewellery to something that can be cherished.

Potential for Investment

Gold is seen to be a tangible asset that stands as an epitome of value and stability. Men are increasingly viewing gold jewellery to be an investment that they can encash and Sell Old Gold Jewellery in Kolkata for instant money. Thus, not only style, gold jewellery is also providing security to men. 


Gold jewellery, typically loved by women, is also finding a place in men’s wardrobes nowadays. This growing trend of men’s gold jewellery has taken shape because of the reasons discussed above. Apart from bringing a style statement to your wardrobe, it can also act as a great investment.


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