Where Can I Sell My Gold Jewelry For The Best Price?

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Gold Jewellery, Jewellery Buyer, Sell Old Gold Jewellery

Cash on Gold


Gold is a very precious piece of wealth. But, apart from that, we purchase gold keeping the thought that it will be beneficial during the crisis period. So when someone is going to sell this near-to-heart thing, they deserve the best price against it.

How to find the best jewelry shop to sell your gold

However, in this part of the discussion, we would suggest finding a genuine brand that will serve you. So for the cash on gold service, please look at the following points carefully:- 

Ask for the invoice: – While making the cash on gold process, asks the jewelry shop that will provide the authorized invoice or not? Because a genuine organization will never miss it. 

The evaluation process must be genuine.

A genuine brand will surely allow you while evaluating your gold. And show you a percentage of purity and the actual price estimated from the process.

Purity level checking

The cash on gold process will not be completed without the purity level checks. So a genuine organization will make it in front of you. And obviously, give the authorized paper against it.

The best place to go in Kolkata

Are you searching for the most genuine cash on gold deal in Kolkata? Then Aishwarya Jewellery is the endpoint of your search because this brand follows the previously mentioned points thoroughly for maintaining its reputation and serves you the best.


So if you had made your mind to sell your gold, then come to us. We at Aishwarya Jewellery will surely give the best price against your gold. Besides, we assure genuine service all the time.