What You Should Know About Selling Your Old Gold Jewellery

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Gold Jewellery, Jewellery Buyer, Sell Old Gold Jewellery

Sell Old Gold Jewellery in Kolkata

Indians have an immense love for gold jewellery. Despite having significantly more gold than average households in peer-to-peer economies, Indians are yet to understand the actual value of gold and how it can help in their time of need.

There have been countless instances where workers have lost their employment or had their salaries drastically reduced. It is no longer as difficult to sell old gold jewellery in Kolkata as it once was. Nowadays, gold buyers have made the transaction quick, dependable, and painless. You can obtain instant cash against your gold at the proper gold purchasing businesses.

While this procedure became as simple as possible, there are a few things to be aware of ahead of time. Knowing the protocol ahead of time will complete the transaction go more smoothly. When dealing with a valuable commodity like gold, it’s always best to be specific.

History of Gold

Gold has a long history of being associated with money, but gold lost its function in industrialized countries with the onset of World War II.

The Bretton Woods monetary system, which is a regime of fixed exchange rates, was established at the close of WWII. This system collapsed in 1971. The United States unilaterally terminated the gold standard, limiting gold and the dollar’s convertibility to US$35 per ounce.

Nearly all countries set up a system known as the Gold Standard. In this system, they fixed the value of their currencies in terms of a certain amount of gold. Domestic currencies were freely convertible into gold at a predetermined price, and import and export were unrestricted. Domestic currency consisted of gold coins, other metal coins, and notes, with the composition differing by country. They also fixed the exchange rates between participating currencies.

Gold has been a prized possession throughout history for its innate beauty and brightness. As a result, gold has come to symbolize the sun in many cultures.

Although yellow gold is still the most popular color, gold is now available in a wide range of colors.

When It Comes to Selling Your Old Gold, There Are A Few Things to Consider.

  1. Only analyze any gold that you intend to sell. We admire the piece of gold jewellery with rapt attention. Make sure that your curiosity does not overshadow the value you will receive. Broken objects lost studs, and redundant items with no emotional weight are ideal jewels to sell.
  2. Check to see if you have hallmarked jewellery before selling it. We indicate the purity of gold jewellery by hallmarking. Any jewels with the number 916 on them have a purity of 91.6 percent for 22-carat gold. Jewellers always prefer 916 gold over unmarked gold since the purity of unmarked gold is questionable.
  3. Doing some research before trading your gold jewellery might be beneficial. You can look up the most recent prices and take the necessary measurements to understand better how much your jewellery will cost.
  4. Consider how long the gold buyer has been in the industry. If a company has been in this field for a long time, you can be confident that it is trustworthy and trust it with your purchases.
  5. If you’re planning to sell gold jewellery, make sure the person you’re selling it to is certified. It indicates that the buyer is a legitimate company that buys Gold, Silver, Diamonds, etc. The buyer should be someone you can trust. It’s critical to understand the value of your gold and the elements that influence its cash value. To avoid any dissatisfaction during the exchange procedure, consider what to expect when selling your gold.
  6. Make your estimate of the scrap value. You may establish the scarp value of your gold on your own by following a few simple steps:

Look for the current spot value in the newspaper or on the internet. It would be appropriately formatted and quoted. Calculate the gram weight of your item.

You may also get a free estimate on the value of your gold items by bringing them to your local stores. Make sure that the buyer checks your old gold on the German Technology KARATMETER machine before selling it. This machine provides extremely dependable results.

This is all you can expect when selling your old gold. In India, gold is valued not only for its monetary value but also for its emotional importance. You will be satisfied if you are confident of the procedure of the various ways ahead of time.