What To Expect When You Sell Old Gold Jewellery In Kolkata

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What To Expect When You Sell Old Gold Jewellery In Kolkata


Whether your old gold jewellery no longer appeals to you or a sudden financial crisis compels you to sell gold for cash in Kolkata, knowing what to expect will make the process a lot smoother. At Cash On Old Gold, we use the latest cleaning and testing technology to protect your precious gold and provide fair compensation if you choose to sell to us. 

This blog will take you through the steps of exchanging gold for cash as well as explain in detail the technology we use to assess the value of your gold jewellery. 

Cleaning Your Gold Jewellery 

Old gold jewellery is bound to have some dirt and grime on it. In order to correctly assess the value of your gold, cleaning it is mandatory. Our experts will complete this process in front of your eyes using an ultrasonic cleaner. We get your old gold jewellery sparkling in minutes using an ultrasonic cleaner. 

An ultrasonic cleaner cleans gold jewellery using ultrasound waves and chemicals. It can remove foreign particles such as dirt, oil, and tarnish, and polishing compounds such as Tripoli and rouge from delicate jewellery pieces. The high-frequency ultrasonic waves pull dirt and other contaminants, even from tiny crevices that would be unreachable during manual cleaning.        

Assessing The Value

After cleaning is complete, it’s time to assess the value of your gold jewellery. If you are selling old gold jewellery in Kolkata, this step will help determine the price you can get. First, the weight of the jewellery is measured, and then the purity of the gold is tested before setting the price.  

This step is performed with total transparency. We demonstrate a high level of care to ensure that no damage comes to your old gold jewellery. At Cash For Old Gold, we use XRF technology to get an accurate valuation. 

X-ray fluorescence or XRF Technology is a non-destructive method of testing gold purity. X-rays are fired at the gold jewellery, exciting the atoms in your sample. The excited atoms exude X-rays of different wavelengths. By analysing these wavelengths, the machine gives a reading detailing the amount of gold, silver, copper and other components in the gold jewellery. Based on the reading, the price will be determined in compliance with the current market rate of gold.

Completing The Transaction

After hearing the price we are offering, if you decide to sell your old gold jewellery to us, we will complete the transaction without delay. We understand your urgency and don’t want to hold you back when much more important matters demand your attention. Cash On Old Gold offers many different payment options:

  • Cach
  • Bank transfer(NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS)
  • Online transactions 

With so many different payment options, you can rest assured that your payment will be completed without issue. We offer a highly convenient way of selling gold for cash in Kolkata.


People generally sell their old gold jewellery during a financial crisis. However, even if you’re selling your old gold for other reasons, we will help you efficiently complete the process. We offer the best prices according to the current gold rates.

You can visit our store or fill out our online form to get a valuation of your gold jewellery. Rest assured that whichever method you choose, we take great care of your jewellery and keep our transactions transparent.   


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