The Origin of Wedding Rings: What Makes Traditional Rings Costlier than Others

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The Origin of Wedding Rings: What Makes Traditional Rings Costlier than Others


Wedding rings, the symbol of love and commitment, have been an integral part of human culture for millennia. These timeless pieces of jewellery hold deep-rooted significance, signifying the unbreakable bond between two individuals embarking on a lifelong journey. 

While wedding rings are cherished and revered by countless couples worldwide, they often come with a substantial price tag, making them costlier than other types of rings. Let’s explore the fascinating history and evolution of wedding rings and delve into the factors that contribute to their heightened value and cost.

The Ancient Origin of Wedding Rings

Whenever we go to sell gold for cash online, we will find that traditional rings hold more value than others. The reason lies in its cultural significance. The origins of wedding rings was traced back to 3000 years ago in ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. They use wedding rings as a token of eternal love and devotion to their partners. From that ancient time till today, the wedding ring is always placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. Since that time, people have been aware that the fourth finger or ring finger contains the vena amoris, a vein that leads directly to the heart. When the ring was placed in the ‘vein of love,’ it represented the sacred union formed between two people.

Egyptians, the First Devotees of Wedding Rings

The first recorded evidence of an exchange of rings between two people is found in ancient Egyptian. The papyrus scrolls show couples exchanging rings made of hemp or reeds. These rings usually do not last long and are replaced by leather or ivory. The ancient Egyptians are believed to have initiated the tradition of exchanging rings as a symbol of love, devotion, and commitment. Over time, it became a norm that the more expensive the material, the more love was shown to the person receiving the ring. Traditional rings made up of ancient artistry and craftsmanship hold more value, and hence you will get more cash while selling old gold rings in Kolkata.

Egyptian pharaohs used a circle wedding ring with no beginning and no end resembling the sun and the moon, which the Egyptians worshipped. The circular shape was the representation of eternity, and they believed it would also protect the marriage from evil spirits. 

Egyptian ouroboros (oor-uh-boor-ros) rings were very popular at that time. The ring depicts a serpent swallowing its tail, representing the eternal cycle of things. The Ouroboros is one of the oldest symbols in the world, and its name means “tail devourer” in Greek.

Greeks and Romans Love for Wedding Rings 

The Greeks and Romans, as well, embraced the concept of wedding rings. They considered the ring as a sign of ownership, symbolising the woman’s bond with her husband. When Alexander the Great defeated the Egyptians, the Greeks adopted the tradition from them of giving rings to their partners. In ancient Greek culture, the wedding rings depicted Eros or Cupid, who was the god of carnal love. 

When the Romans conquered the Greeks in 146 BC, they picked up the ring exchange culture from them. However, Romans did not use gold or silver but rather iron, signifying strength and permanence. The iron rings sometimes had key motifs as a sign that the wife now had control of the household goods. By the 2nd century CE, Romans also used gold rings in wedding ceremonies. 

The Shift to Precious Metals and Gemstones

Civilizations evolved, so did the materials used for crafting wedding rings. The transition from iron to more precious metals like gold and silver took place due to the value associated with these materials. Gold, in particular, held immense cultural significance as a symbol of wealth, power, and prosperity. Ancient societies also started adorning wedding rings with gemstones, often in intricate designs, to further enhance their allure and symbolic meaning. Therefore, if you sell your old traditional ring made up of Precious Metals and Gemstones, you will get more cash for gold in Kolkata.

Evolution of Wedding Rings in Medieval Times

Beginning in the Middle Ages, wedding rings began to be set with precious stones. Medieval Europeans used rubies to depict passion, sapphires to symbolise heaven, and diamonds to symbolize steadfast strength. In Medieval Europe, portrait rings and Roman fede were both popular. Around the 1600s, fede motifs started to appear in gimmel rings—rings with two, or sometimes three, interlocking bands. During the wedding ceremony, the groom places his band on the bride’s finger, combining the wedding bands into a matching set. Two right hands clasped together, showing a full ring.

Wedding Rings During Renaissance and Elizabethan Eras

Around 1600, the fede motif evolved into the Claddagh ring, which shows a pair of hands holding a heart. Gimmel rings with Claddagh motifs often show a gem bound by two hands with a third center band. Poetry circles became popular during the Renaissance and Elizabethan eras. These rings had poems engraved inside or outside the ring band.

Puritans in colonial America considered jewellery frivolous. Puritan husbands gave their wives thimbles instead of rings. The brides then used their thimbles to sew clothes and textiles for their new home, they could then see off the tops of their thimbles to create rings.

Diamonds: A Sparkling Symbol of Love

The oldest surviving diamond jewellery dates back to 300 BC. The first known diamond ring found in Rome dates back to the late 100s. Diamonds were not cut back then and were valued for hardness rather than their brilliance. The earliest known diamond wedding ring was bequeathed by an English widow in her will between the late 1300s to early 1400s.

Other famous historical diamond rings include Queen Elizabeth I’s diamond ring, given by the Duke of Alsennon, as well as the diamond ring of Mary, Queen of Scots, given by Thomas, Duke of Norfolk. Both received rings during their marriage proposals. Neither side was successful, Queen Elizabeth I’s subjects did not want a French ruler, and Mary, the Queen of Scots, was executed by Elizabeth I.

During the Victorian times, Diamond engagement rings became increasingly popular due to Queen Victoria’s famed love for diamond jewellery.

Industrial Revolution: Mass Production and Accessibility

The Industrial Revolution marked a turning point in the history of wedding rings. The advent of machinery allowed for mass production of rings, making them more accessible to a broader population. While this increase in production contributed to a reduction in the cost of simpler wedding bands, the allure of custom-designed, handcrafted rings endured, ensuring a continued market for higher-priced, artisanal creations. Diamond rings often possess a great resale value, and you can easily sell diamond rings in Kolkata for the best prices. 

What Makes Traditional Rings Costlier than Others?

Traditional wedding rings, adorned with rich history and cultural significance, often come with a higher resale value compared to other rings due to several factors. First and foremost, the materials used in traditional rings, such as gold or platinum, carry intrinsic value and have been cherished for centuries. 

Additionally, traditional rings often feature intricate designs and craftsmanship that require skilled artisans to bring them to life. The labor-intensive process of creating these rings contributes to their higher cost. The sentimental value attached to traditional designs passed down through generations also enhances their appeal and justifies the premium price.

Furthermore, traditional rings often incorporate gemstones, such as diamonds or other precious stones, to add further symbolism and beauty. These gemstones, especially diamonds, are sought after for their rarity and brilliance, further increasing the value of the ring.

Overall, the blend of valuable materials, artisanal craftsmanship, sentimental significance, and the inclusion of precious gemstones make traditional wedding rings costlier than other types of rings.

Wrapping It Up

The evolution of wedding rings has been shaped by the customs, beliefs, and artistic expressions of various civilizations throughout history. From humble iron bands to opulent diamond-studded masterpieces, wedding rings have evolved to represent not just the promise of eternal love but also the changing values and aspirations of society. Cash on old gold is one of the leading gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata. If you want to sell a traditional gold or diamond ring or any kind of gold jewellery, come to Cash on old gold to get the best value out of it. 


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