Sell Your Gold For Instant Cash At The Best Jewellery Buyer In Kolkata

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Gold Jewellery, Jewellery Buyer

gold jewellery buyer in Kolkata

If you have old gold jewellery you want to sell, you may be sitting on a fortune, or an extra pocket of money is waiting for you. But the first thing to do is choose the genuine gold dealers to know your gold’s actual worth. If worse, you may end up selling it for less than its value and miss out on cash. But we have fixed your problem, and now you can exchange gold for cash at CashOnOldGold and get the best possible deals on your every selling.

Want to sell gold?
Yes, Cash On Old Gold is the right destination for you as we are the leading gold jewellery buyer in Kolkata. We buy gold jewellery, gold bars, damaged or broken gold/diamond jewellery. Now you can sell your old gold jewellery at the best value instantly. We make it possible for you and ensure to check the quality and make instant payments. Much of our business is from our loyal and happy customers.

Genuineness and perfect measurements:
No doubt, there are various gold jewellery shops where you can exchange gold for cash, but what makes Cash On Old Gold unique is we offer the best value following the genuineness and perfect measurements. We are the most reliable gold dealers with decades of experience, apart from being the most reputed gold dealers for our unique process of cash on gold. We also ensure our customers that your exchange is safe here and you can entirely rely on us.

How do we help you to get your right gold worth value?
You just need to bring your broken, unwanted, or damaged gold or diamond jewellery or antiques to our shop and know the correct value for your gold.
At Cash On Old Gold, your gold items will be tested and weighed in front of you to offer you a proper value of gold by using the latest XRF machine technology without melting or damaging them. We don’t charge you any amount for this process; it is totally transparent and free
After properly measuring your gold items, we will suggest the current market price to our customers. So our customers will get instant cash depending on the worth of their gold.

Why is Cash On Old Gold worth trusting for?
There are more than one reasons why our customers trust us to sell their gold for cash without a second thought. Firstly, we have topped the list of legitimate gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata, where you can expect a clean check of your gold item’s purity without any deceiving procedure. The clean and precise evaluation process is the foremost thing about us. We also offer you the valuation facility at home at a very minimum charge in some exceptional cases. You get paid for the current value of gold exactly and provide the money correspondingly. To ensure this, you can check the current 22-carat and 24-carat gold rates in Kolkata. We promise that you get paid according to the gold rate in Kolkata today.