How to Make Money from Selling Your Old Jewels in the Current Market?

by | Feb 2, 2022 | exchange gold for cash, Sell Old Gold Jewellery

Sell Old Gold Jewellery

Speaking about the market, it is a fact that we often need to sell our gold jewellery to negotiate for Cash during emergencies. In India, they had done it for years. But, the current pandemic has led to an innumerable rush of people to sell their valuable Gold for liquid Cash for many reasons. It is not wrong to do so! Amid the current pandemic situation, if you are also planning to sell your old jewellery during the market deflation, a few points have to be taken care of.

  •  You should keep all the receipts and documents of the jewellery ready before selling it to any gold buyer. 
  •  It is always an excellent decision to take quotes from different jewellers before selling.
  •  It is always advisable to go for a reputable brand in the market because it is sometimes seen that gold buyers are indulging themselves in deceiving customers and opting for malpractices.
  • In case you aren’t sure about the quality of your product, you can always do a quality check to confirm the purity level of your product before you visit a gold buyer. 

Why Choose Cash on Old Gold? 

Again, there are several places in Kolkata to sell your Gold and get ready Cash. Still, it is challenging to pick out an authentic gold buyer who understands your sentiment and gives you the maximum price against your valuable Gold. It is sometimes a problem among customers that they are ashamed of presenting their old and used jewellery for Cash. But we are happy to mention that we never judge you by the pieces of Gold you bring to us. We understand that these jewellery pieces are essential to you are close to your heart; hence we always try to give you as much benefit as possible.

Which is the Best Place to Make Money from Selling Old Jewels?

Cash On Old Gold is one of the most trusted gold buyers in the Kolkata area. Our name has spread among the city’s residents and reached a national level. We offer the best market value of your Gold, so there are many reasons you can trust us.

  • We do a purity check of Gold in front of your eyes and offer the most genuine rate according to its weight.
  • We keep the entire exchange procedure transparent, from cleaning the Gold to measuring its weight and checking its purity so that you are confident that you have received the best value against it.
  • We pledge to give the most profitable deals and offers from time to time and deliver you with the optimal price when you sell Gold for Cash with us.

Looking at the fantastic benefits, you can easily decide which is a good option for selling your gold products and making money. To carry on with the gold exchange process, visit our store at Bhawanipur. Although you don’t want to see us physically during the pandemic, you can also opt for the online exchange option for quick and easy transactions.

Your Gold is carefully handled with us, clearing it of the impurities using the ultrasonic machine and then measuring the exact weight of your piece. After the gold calculation and evaluation process, you will get an instant payment, either as liquid Cash or through NEFT/RTGS transfer.

Although we accept all kinds of gold items even if they are not our product, we provide better prices and readily accept gold items for our brand. But in this case, a proper document is required.