Gold Loan vs Gold Selling: Which One is Better

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Assets like Gold hold a valuable position in Indian households, especially during the financial crisis. Individuals often face the dilemma of whether to sell gold or get an instant gold loan. Although the decision to sell gold can be emotionally charged, its financial gain can be impactful. At Cash on Old Gold, we will provide you required cash upon selling your gold assets. This blog will guide you regarding the benefits and losses of selling gold or getting a gold loan. 

What is a Gold Loan? 

A gold loan is a secured loan received by keeping your gold as collateral. In return, you will receive the loan value from the lender based on the gold being pledged. The gold loan that the buyer will secure will carry a certain interest rate and a time within which the loan needs to be repaid. The interest rate and time of a gold loan will vary as per regulations set by the lender. Banks and Non-Banking Financial Corporation (NBFC) can provide you with gold loans against an interest rate and repayment time. 

Benefits and Losses of Gold Loan 

  • Gold Loans can help you in the retention of your asset 
  • Gold Loan will have the potential for future appreciation with low interest rates 
  • There can be a risk of losing the pledged gold
  • Repayment obligation can cause difficulty in retaining gold 

What to know about Selling Gold? 

We at Cash on Old Gold can provide you with fair cash against gold in Kolkata. This will help you to reduce the risk of not fulfilling the repayment of the gold loan. Selling gold can provide you with immediate cash access. Unlike gold loans, there will be no repayment obligation. On the other hand, there will be no risk of losing the pledged gold. Selling gold at our store will help you receive authentic receipts as a document of proof. Gold loan repayment can cause additional financial pressure. Comparing this, selling your unused and old gold jewellery can give you good returns. 

Benefits of Selling Gold Against Cash at Cash on Old Gold 

1. Instant Access to Funds 

In case you are in need of instant funds, Cash on Old Gold can be your stop. In return for your gold, we will provide you with instant cash. What a goal loan cannot offer you, selling your gold jewellery at our store can surely help you with funding. Instant access to funds will in return, help you to solve any financial crisis. 

2. Higher price of Jeweller over other buyers

You need to remember that jewellers determine the price of gold based on purity. Our selling price will always be higher than other buyers’ price. So, getting cash from us against your gold jewellery will be beneficial to higher returns. 

3. This is the Good Time to Sell Gold 

In 2024, gold prices in India had increased compared to 2023 and 2022. Selling your unused and old gold at our store will be highly beneficial for obtaining good cash returns. Even if gold rates are not at their peak, selling your unused gold at this time will provide you with good returns. It is advisable that selling gold against cash can deliver all time benefits during a financial crisis. 

4. No Obligation or Repayment

Gold loans require higher obligation for repayment, while selling gold will be free of obligations. At Cash on Old Gold, we will provide you with guidance and good hospitality during the selling of gold. 

5. Simplified Transaction Process

Selling gold jewellery can give you a simplified transaction process. At our store, cash against gold jewellery can be easily obtained with minimal formalities. But as a reputed organisation, we always make sure to provide you with digital and physical receipts upon transaction. 


When is the best time in 2024 to sell gold? 

There can always be uncertainty about the price fluctuations of gold. In this case, taking a gold loan can be of great risk as interest rates will also be higher. But if you sell gold, the greater return of receiving immediate cash will help you. It is expected that gold prices will increase further as 2024 progresses. The period from October to December 2024 can fetch good cash value against gold. Selling unused gold at Cash on Old Gold will help you acquire an adequate cash amount in case of currency note shortages. 


Understanding the benefits of selling your gold, we help with fair ways to get immediate cash against sales. Getting cash against gold in Kolkata will fetch you recurring returns. It is often difficult to get your gold back in the case of gold loans. But selling your gold in the immediate return of cash will be highly beneficial. Selling Gold can always be your resort to financial crises, especially in modern times. If you are in need of instant funds, then selling your unused gold can be the better option. At Cash on Old Gold, we tend to provide you with an easier and more authentic transaction facility.


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