4 Essential Tips to Raise Maximum Funds from Selling Different Gold Types

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Gold has functioned as an essential asset for Indians over the decades. While buying gold is considered auspicious, selling it can also help with funding. Selling your gold against cash can similarly help with immediate financial resorts.

Cash on Old Gold can provide you with the best solution for selling your stocked-up or unused gold. Understanding how the gold market works will be necessary before gold sales. In this blog, we’ll discuss 4 essential tips to raise maximum funds from cash for gold in Kolkata

Understanding how the gold market works in Kolkata 

The gold market in Kolkata is heavily influenced by global gold prices, Which actively depend on global gold supplies, currency fluctuations, and global economic conditions. On March 31, 2024, gold prices in Kolkata rose up to 19% and have been strongest since 2014. Due to high gold demand in the city, gold prices in Kolkata can be slightly higher than in other Indian regions. 

Observing the higher gold prices in Kolkata can help you obtain maximum funds after gold is sold. If you are actively looking to sell your gold, Cash On Old Gold can be your first choice. Here’s how we provide you with maximum funds after selling.

Get Maximum Funds by Selling 3 Main Gold Types


Sell Gold Coins and Biscuits to receive solid funds 

Gold Coins and Biscuits, unlike gold jewellery, can provide solid funds upon sale. So, what is the difference between funds received from gold coins and biscuits over other gold jewellery? Here’s why Gold Coins and Biscuits are usually treated as investments or stores of value over consumer gold items. Making charges for solid gold coins are lower than for gold jewellery. Apart from this,  limited designs made on gold coins and biscuits over jewellery reduce metal corrosion. As a result, you can invest in solid metal. When you sell these coins or biscuits, what you can receive is solid cash. 

At Cash on Old Gold, we can offer you direct cash receipts against gold coins and biscuits.  Sell gold for cash in Kolkata and get instant solid funds for all your financial needs. It is advisable to carry your original purchase receipt for any necessary verifications. 

Sell your Unused Gold for Cash Urgency

The value of gold mostly appreciates over time, and selling unused gold during the high time provides you with solid funds. Sometimes, we tend to reserve unused gold as an asset investment. To get an adequate value, it is advisable to sell your unused gold when market prices are high. 

Selling your unused gold can fetch you a significant amount. However, corrosive values might fetch you lower values than expected. In such cases, we will thoroughly inspect the status of your gold. 

At Cash on Old Gold, we will provide you with a sale value based on weight, purity, and market prices. We ensure that selling your unused gold at our store can help you receive verified cash receipts at the right value. 

Sell your Old Gold Jewellery for Long-term Financial Needs 

Remember that price swings in gold can level off over weeks as an investment. Selling your old gold jewellery can provide you with long-term financial needs. Receiving cash for gold in Kolkata can help you solve your long-term financial needs.

Gold jewellery generally involves making charges during the initial purchase. So, your gold might be subjected to corrosion during the making process. If you sell gold, the total purchase value with making charges will be considered. If your gold has high making charges, we will ensure that you receive a similar or higher amount upon selling.

Cash on Old Gold believes in providing you with the correct value during asset sale. Selling your old gold jewellery can be a long-term investment during booming markets. We commit to complying with domestic and global gold prices while providing you with cash against gold.

4 Essential Tips to Raise Maximum Funds 


1. Check for Hallmarks 

A hallmark is that your gold jewellery will determine its purity. It is advisable to check for hallmarks in your jewellery before selling. If you are looking to sell gold for cash in Kolkata, then our store can be your place. We can confirm the authenticity of your hallmarked gold and also help you clearly understand the right amount your gold can fetch. 

2. Keep your Purchase Invoice or Gold Bill ready

It is always easier for us to understand the legal authenticity and value of your gold from purchasing receipts. If you misplace your original bill, you need not worry. You can bring us your asset, and our experts can determine the authenticity from design and hallmarks. Sometimes, your jewellery carries a distinctive design, which is easy for gold merchants to identify. Even if you have misplaced your invoices, our experts can efficiently perform an authentic inspection. 

3. Continue with your Market Research

We advise you to always perform market research before selling your gold. To get adequate cash for gold in Kolkata, you must know about the current market. In 2024, gold prices are rising globally, which can increase your sales value. Understanding the current gold market can help you understand the value we will offer. 

4. Sell your Gold Online

Choosing an online market will help you to connect with different selling options. You can connect with our official website. We will directly communicate with you regarding the type of gold and cash or credit that you can receive upon selling. 

We at Cash on Old Gold will ensure that you are communicated 24*7 regarding your selling queries. Our personalised services can help you get price quotations from remote locations.  

Wrapping Up 

Selling your unused and reserved gold can fetch you instant funds. Cash on Old Gold can provide you with instant cash receipts with authentic verifications in Kolkata. What you can do is trust us to give you the best value upon gold sales. 


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