What are the Safety Precautions and Limitations of Cash Against Gold?

by | May 23, 2022 | Cash against Gold in Kolkata.

Cash against gold in kolkata

Selling the Gold in possession is a traditional solution for people of Kolkata during emergencies. People with old values prefer monetizing their gold ornaments to meet the contingencies. Yet, such selling becomes an arduous task for inexperienced sellers. They should explore the gold buying and selling market to understand the process better. Search for an expert, or else you will have to depend on the buyer’s procedure. This article aims to enrich you with inputs that will enable you to get the best amount of Cash against Gold in Kolkata.

Gathering Invoice

Your gold buyer will ask for the purchase bill or invoice while you approach them to sell your used Gold. In Kolkata, most top-notch buyers are also manufacturers and sellers of gold jewelry and stones. People generally come to the shop to sell the Gold in their possession from where they purchased the jewelry some years back.

The policy has a defensive insight in it. The retailer cannot say anything in cases of differences regarding pureness. The staff in the shop have mentioned the particulars in the invoice. Thus, the deficiencies accrue in the shop and not you.

Knowing the value of Gold

Most buyers in Kolkata still use the acid test to determine the value of Gold in the diamond rings or other accessories comprising gold, gold ornaments, bars, or coins. The acid spoils the metal quality besides destroying the impurities. Gold reacts with most acids. Acid tests thus can damage the metal also.

Companies like the cash on old Gold use the updated X-ray fluorescence technology to assess the value of Gold. The method helps the assessor have a clear idea of the pure Gold in the item and offers Cash against Gold in Kolkata.

The shops in your locality will charge in different accounts before paying you. These may include melting costs, wastage charges, and various others. You will thus be deprived of more than 15 percent of your material for making local trade.

It is thus advisable that you visit reputed gold buyers who will pay the best value for your ornaments against the spot price.

Checking the purity of gold content in your ornament

Checking the purity of the gold content in your sellable items is also mandatory before you bring these to the selling point. Hallmark is a vital credential to match the gold purity these days. There are methods, and you can check the contents of your home.

If the hallmark credential shows 916, your item has 22-Karat gold. The purity extent is 916. You will have 91.6 grams of purified Gold in 100 grams of content.

The market price of Gold is unstable. Thus, you will have to determine the current price of gold content in the market.

Reputed buyers like the cash on old Gold to help their customers know its estimated selling value. Consulting the experts is thus the best way.

Assessing the final cost

It would help if you decided on the final cost of the gold content in the ornaments, bars, or the coins you have. The assessor can only tell you the final price when the melting process is over. Melting the Gold is an expensive process. The seller must pay for it when they sell a trivial amount of Gold. Reputed buyers do not charge in cases of bulk purchasing.

Your other losses through the selling process include the labor charge, the GST, and additional tax you paid during the purchase.

Deciding about the selling point

Reputed Kolkata Gold manufacturers and sellers are also good buyers of Gold. Most of them have a reputation in the world. You can trust them with your gold possession for sale.

Various companies have come to Kolkata that offer Cash against Gold in Kolkata. Muthoot Point, Cash on old Gold pay the best prices to their customers and earned a reputation as the gold buyer in the city.