The Vintage Kolkata people have the habit to sell gold in stock to meet the financial demand during crises. Even people, these days, also recheck their metal trust to build new fashionable items. While the latter chose reputable gold exchangers, buyers offering cash for gold in Kolkata is the choice of the former. The article examines various ways to get the best value of the gold you sell in the market.

Check the evaluation method

Assessment of gold content in ornaments is easy if you possess hallmarked jewelry. The authenticating agency mentions the percentage of pure gold in these items. For other types of ornaments, traditional buyers use the melting method.

Under this process, they use acids to liquefy the items. Acid clears out the impurities thus leaving the pure noble metal in an amorphous structure. On cooling, the buyer gets the solid pure gold.

However, the process carries several risks. Acid can react with the metal once it is free from impurities. In that case, a certain amount of metal disposes of, causing a loss to the seller in the deal. 

Companies like Cash on Old Gold thus employ X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology in the evaluation process. The Swiss-engineered technology accompanies an acute analytical testing procedure. The process reduces the error margin. Therefore, you will get an exact evaluation instead of an estimate.

Make a consideration about their policies at this turn. Best providers of cash for gold in Kolkata will allow you to be on the spot where the buyer’s team evaluates the items to be sold in order to estimate the cost. Top companies also provide a purity certificate to the seller. This will also accompany a detailed purchase and tax invoice. 


The cost of the gold you sell is also an important consideration to make. New generation people consider online selling to get the best value for the items they sell. Online buyers can provide better prices to the sellers as these people need not spend anything on maintenance.

People looking for spot prices cannot opt for the method. They will have to wait for processes to be over before payment clearance.

Companies like Cash on old Gold offer prices for the day as quoted in the media. Therefore, you can trust them for urgent recourses too.


Items you can sell

Kolkata people depend more on Cash for gold than other modes in times of crisis. These people feel more comfortable dealing with gold rather than bonds, shares, and other cashable properties.

However, before you drive to convert gold for cash, a lucid concept of sellable gold items may prove helpful:

  • You can sell gold pieces of jewelry that comprise gold rings irrespective of their makes and varieties.
  • Bracelets and Bangles are either 22 or 24 Carat Gold.
  • Chains and Necklaces.
  • Traditional families in Kolkata possess a good collection of Kamarbandh, Bajubandh, Maang Tikka, and various other varieties of ornaments. These produce good value on selling.

Gold Bars and Coins

These items are purer forms of gold and possess the best metal content. People who like to invest in gold usually buy bold bars and coins to avoid large depreciation.

Final Words

Companies accredited under the London Bullion Market Association can offer you the international rate for gold on a given day. You are having luck in your pocket if you can find any one of these companies as your prospective buyer.