Sell Diamonds – Here Are 7 Insider Tips to Help You Get Started

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Diamonds, Jewellery


Selling your diamond and precious gemstone jewellery is never an easy task. Cash On Old Gold will pay you the fairest prices for it and make sure that you get absolute value out of your diamond pieces of jewellery. Our valuers are experts in the current market who use cutting-edge technology to score a piece on all qualitative factors like cut, colour, clarity, craftsmanship, and other essential features. We go beyond monetary value and help you strike a balance when selling something as personal as a diamond. We offer a hassle-free way to quickly turn your diamonds or diamond jewellery into cash. Our team of experienced professionals helps customers receive the right amount of cash for diamond in Kolkata, so they don’t have to worry about getting less than they should. With our professional team members, you can rest assured that our professionals handle your diamond pieces with great care, following all legal requirements. 

7 Insider Tips to Consider When Selling your Diamond Jewellery


Find a Reputed Jewellery Appraiser

When selling your diamond jewellery, it is important to get a realistic appraisal of your piece’s worth. A reputable jewellery appraiser like Cash On Old Gold can accurately assess the carat weight, clarity, colour, and other factors and features that might affect the value of the jewellery. Get two or three quotes from different appraisers to get an accurate price range for your piece.

Opt for Professional Cleaning

Diamond jewellery needs adequate cleaning before showcasing it for sale. Take your piece to a professional for detailed examination and cleaning so that buyers can appraise it in perfect condition.

Seek out Multiple Buyers

When selling your diamond jewellery, it’s always best to have multiple potential buyers so you can compare their quotes. Several platforms can connect you with numerous reputable buyers who will provide personalised offers according to the type of stone and design you have. 

Investigate Sales Options

It’s wise to look into all available sales channels: classified ads, retail stores, and specialised websites willing to buy second-hand diamonds online or at physical store locations around the world. The value might differ depending on your geographical area preference. Each sales medium has pros & cons, such as ease of access, competitive pricing power, and security, that must be taken under advisement before listing one’s diamond jewellery. You can also exchange gold for cash in Kolkata under the guidance of our professional experts. 

Think about Packaging Options

No matter the medium you choose, remember diamond presentation counts. It will help you secure higher value for the stone if you take care of packaging options for maximum visibility & protection purposes towards prospective customers. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, and do not let the dust settle on keepsakes either by using airtight fabric bags when travelling with pieces. Keep the displaying-worthy items in storage units inside closets & cabinets. It is advisable to use branded boxes; pack them with flameproof materials etc. Make sure everything looks nice before putting it up for sale; little details can make a huge difference in terms of results here.

Understand the Taxation Effects of Sales Proceeds

Depending on where life takes you around the globe before taking full advantage of successful online jewellery shops or private deals, investigating local regulations as far as taxation is imperative. It will benefit most from each sale while planning longer-term projects properly, including double-checking with local tax advisors before starting off.

Be Familiar with Market Terms Outside (if international)

Finally, learn about the internationally monitoring key terms related to trading precious stones such as Cut Quality Grade (best recognized CZ diamond), Colour Grade (Highest count D) over Carat weight percentage levels based on respective Grams weigh lists. Therefore, it becomes more prominent than ever to ensure due diligence occurs throughout the whole process. It involves collecting available data accordingly, protecting eventual investments undertaken consequently. We don’t recommend any shortcuts.

Benefits of Selling Your Diamond Jewellery with Cash On Old Gold

Professionals at Cash On Old Gold in Kolkata provide a fair deal on your old or used diamond jewellery like bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, etc. With reliable services, the highest price for diamond jewellery, and complete solutions for any diamond-related queries. Our professionals provide hassle-free service to get the best amount of cash for diamond in Kolkata, maintaining proper safety and security. We offer the highest rate to exchange diamonds for cash in Kolkata, thereby providing maximum benefits. You only need to take care of all the necessary factors while selling your diamond jewellery, and always remember the proverb “Slow & Steady wins the race” is still relevant today.