Learn How to Maximize Your Profit When Selling Old Gold Jewellery

by | Sep 10, 2022 | Jewellery, Sell Gold for Cash, sell old gold Jewelry

Householders find gold jewellery an easy way out to meet sudden financial challenges. They are most likely to sell the old gold jewellery in return for cash. It helps them to avoid borrowing money and paying high amounts as interest. Many pawn shops take old gold jewellery from users. The article discusses a few tips which will help householders maximize the profit from selling old gold jewellery in Kolkata.

Know The Value of Weight and Karat

If you want to get cash for gold in Kolkata , you must know the exact weight and karat of the gold ornaments you are willing to sell. Many people keep the bill of the gold jewellery purchased which mentions these values. Apart from this, many gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata have the facility to define the karat and weight of the gold. It helps to identify the volume of the gold will be when the jewellery is melted. The actual price you will get in return for selling the old gold jewellery will depend on the melted amount.

The Jewellery Must Be Hall Marked

The authenticity of the gold plays a key part in determining its value. Many gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata depend on the hallmark attached to the ornaments to determine its pricing. There are also many gold retailers which offer a certificate on the authenticity or purity of the gold.

To get the best price on selling old gold jewellery, you must visit a reputed gold buyer in Kolkata. They must have all the facilities to test the gold quality, weight, authenticity, purity, and other factors so that they can offer the right value of the gold as per the market price.

Know The Price Offered by Various Other Shops

You should not depend on any one gold buyer in Kolkata. Since there is no standard process to determine the price of old gold jewellery. If you have the bill of jewellery, you will be able to negotiate the price better. 

However, many times the householders sell old gold jewellery which was received as a gift. Therefore, it does not contain any bill of purchase. In those cases, it is advised to get the right certification of the jewellery before selling it in the market. You can make your old gold jewellery hallmarked with the help of a BIS registered jeweller or BIS Assaying & Hallmarking centers. It will help you get a better price by selling the jewellery to any old gold jewellery buyers in Kolkata .

Justify Expected Price

Gold is a market-related product. Its price changes with the movement of the market. So, when you would approach any gold buyer in Kolkata, understand the way theydetermine the price of the jewellery. You will not get paid for the making charges and wastage cost. You will get paid for only the real melted gold. If they deduct any random amount as wastage, do not sell your gold jewellery to them.

Check if they are following an authentic and standard process to determine the price of the jewellery. When the product has a hallmark, it becomes easier for them to calculate the market price of the jewellery. Go ahead with selling the product only when you are sure that you are getting the value close to the present market price of gold jewellery.

Prefer The Shop from Where You Bought the Gold Jewellery

You can expect a good value from selling old gold jewellery if you sell them to the retailers from whom you bought them. They keep all the database and information related to the product. It helps them to calculate the value of depreciation and wastage to offer you better pricing based on the present market value of the product. Otherwise, you can also visit various local shops and identify which shop is offering you the best pricing.

If you are not intending to buy back the gold jewellery later from the shop, you should focus on only the amount you are getting. Many urgencies provoke to settle with any good price offering. However, it might cause you to incur a loss. The gold price is appreciating day by day. It can ensure that you will get a higher value from the purchase price of the product. But, if the time gap between buying and selling gold jewellery is less, you might not get the appreciated value. Remember, when you buy gold jewellery, you not only pay only for the gold metal, but also for making charge, stubbed metal, tax, service charge, and other charges. So, do not decide in haste, but wisely.