How To Get Better Price When Selling Your Gold Jewelry

by | Apr 22, 2023 | Gold Jewellery, Jewellery


India’s standard cultural settings and the belief that gold is old as a symbol of wealth and status forbid us from selling it. Nevertheless, we all agree to sell old Gold jewelry in times of financial stress or invest in gold to sell it during emergencies as best investment practices. Selling gold for cash doesn’t require any skills nor the need to manage the investment or to keep track of the value. However, it can be troublesome to find a reliable gold buyer or understand the complex procedures to be followed when you sell gold. If you are searching for a reliable way to exchange your gold for cash, follow the tips discussed in the article. 

How To Get the Best Price for Your Gold?


Do Some Research Yourself:

Begin by understanding the current value of gold and learn the selling process used by varied gold buyers in your location. 

Going through reliable websites, such as the Multi-commodity Exchange of India, where gold is traded, helps. Additionally, you can refer the sources such as NSEL- National Spot Exchange Limited, Bullion India, news websites such as money control, and reliable local jewelers. However, keep in mind that the price quoted by jewelers would include making charges and other fees and thus would be higher than the current market price. 

Never hesitate to check multiple sources- this helps you acquire a more accurate picture of the current market value of gold.

Consider The Factors That Might Affect the Value of Gold:


Unfavorable Market Conditions: 

Gold buyers often hesitate to offer the best price for your gold as they want to meet their profit margin so that they can resell it at a higher price to make a profit for their business. However, other reasons, such as unfavorable market conditions when the price of gold is highly fluctuating, geopolitical events, and demand & supply disruption, also significantly impact the value of gold. 

Therefore, verifying the market conditions and knowing the current gold value is crucial to get the best out of selling your valuable gold. 

Seasonal Demands:

The times when the demand for gold is higher is the appropriate time to sell gold for a fair price. The need for gold increases significantly during the festive season, and people prefer to gift gold jewelry or articles to their loved ones. The gold market also tries to match the surging demand and supply of precious metals. Therefore the favorable market condition during the festival season could be the best time to sell your gold.

Know Your Gold Purity:

You must take your gold jewelry to a reputed buyer to determine the gold purity. They use an Ultrasonic machine to remove the impurities, which is the best way to determine the impurity of the gold. The method also helps measure the number of alloys used in the gold article/jewelry. 

Also, determining the purity of gold should not be performed using a destructive method. You should also check the bill or invoice you obtained during the purchase. The renowned gold buyers always ensure to collect the invoice or bills of the gold article to check the authenticity of the gold jewelry being sold to them.


Indians pass on gold articles or jewelry to their generations as a family heirloom, and the fact it’s the most safe-haven asset that protects during inflation or currency fluctuations. Therefore it’s harder to sell gold at any point in life. However, after you have decided to let go of your valuable gold, you shouldn’t regret selling it for lower offers. The tips and information shared through the article would be sufficient to make an informed decision while selling your gold.