Get The Best Value for Your Precious Ornament: Cash for Diamonds in Kolkata

by | May 12, 2023 | Diamonds, Jewellery


Have you ever thought of selling your diamond? It could be a discussion if that’s associated with emotions. However, facing struggles isn’t worth your time or effort, and you must decide for peace of mind. Getting Cash for diamonds in Kolkata is not an easy task. However, by following specific practices, you could get the best value for your diamonds. This article covers the steps to get the best value for your diamonds. The article also includes why this is the right time to sell diamonds. Please read on to comprehend what it takes to get the best value.

Price Saving on Diamonds – The Ideal Checklist:


Know The Quality And Authenticity:

Seek the help of a qualified appraiser to determine the quality and authenticity of the diamond. The quality of the diamonds is tested based on four Cs: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. The minute you decide to sell your diamond jewelry, you must get an unbiased opinion from a qualified appraiser and know the characteristics of the stone and its condition. The appraiser also helps you identify the positive and negative attributes of your diamond and helps in determining the correct value. We tend to rush to the nearest store without looking at their business practices and certifications when we are caught up in financial stress- it’s human nature. But take time to research.

You must visit more than two diamond sellers to get various opinions. It needs time, but it can save you more. The process increases your confidence and gives a clear idea of the specifications and the state of the stone. At the moment of acquisition, you would have received an authentication certificate that mentions the qualities and features of the diamond that helps in determining the value of the diamond.

Diamonds with minor inclusions are sold for better prices than transparent diamonds. Therefore when the diamond buyer evaluates the diamond, they deduct costs for inclusions. Therefore be realistic during the evaluation of quality and authenticity.

Choose The Right Buyer:

Only reputed buyers would offer the best price for your diamonds. Jewelry stores would not even bother to buy it from you. Pawn shops and local stores would provide you only lowball offers since it’s a well-established fact that diamonds are never purchased for higher than their purchase value. People choose to sell gold for Cash online,  but selling diamonds require more research to get the best benefits in the selling process.

Sell The Diamonds Sooner:

The sooner, the better; diamond Diamond prices never fluctuate like gold or silver, but it is ideal if you sell the diamonds sooner than the time of purchase. Diamonds are validated based on their looks and pristine condition.

Consider Market Demand:

The price of diamonds is less likely to fluctuate; however, consider the seasonal demand, such as festive seasons, fashion trends, and economic conditions to get the best value for your diamonds. 

Why Sell Your Valuable Asset- Prioritize Peace Of Mind:

When a marriage ends, you never want to revisit the past phase. That’s when you would decide to sell your diamond wedding ring. After all, paying bills can be daunting. You might not have a nice piece of diamond jewelry, but you’d have peace of mind. 

Indians associate diamonds with “forever” or “strong and unbreakable bond”; thus, you find diamond rings in engagements and weddings. Unfortunately, not all marriages end up in everlasting wedded life. The sound thing about this is that you get a lot of value from your wedding ring! 

There was a funny incident that reminded me to take life lightly: when a working professional was serious and upset all the time, he was misunderstood for being diagnosed with cancer, later when he revealed the divorce; his colleagues laughed, knowing it was only a divorce and thanked god for that it is not cancer! The point is it could have been worse. 

The price hike of diamonds adds more reasons for you to sell your diamonds for a better price.

50% – The Price Hike Percentage Of Diamonds- Seems An Excellent Time To Sell Your Diamond!

These are miserable times for diamond manufacturers as the market is growing against them. They complain there has been a 5% increase in diamonds’ price every week. Have you got diamonds and thinking about selling them for Cash Cash? There wouldn’t be a better time for you to make the decision. The recent updates state that the price of rough and uncut diamonds has witnessed over 50-75% price rise!  (source : indiatimes)

Businesses are focusing on supply continuity; they are left with no option other than burdening the customers by increasing the price. The prime reason for the supply gap is the reduced production rate due to COVID in 2022. Although there was a massive rebound in the production activities that increased the net production of diamonds by 5%, the businesses have decided to raise the price of diamonds to manage/continue the supply. 

20% – The Percentage Of Diamonds Used For Jewelry; The Rest Goes For Industrial Purposes:

Necklaces, wedding rings, brooches, name anything that comes to your mind that is made of diamond. Only 20% of diamonds are dedicated to jewelry. Rest goes to industrial purposes such as polishing weapons, cutting, grinding and drilling. Now you know why the demand is rising even more. The rarity adds more value to the diamond jewelry. 


Exchanging or selling valuables is always daunting, even for people who have been in the process earlier. However, choosing the right buyer who is certified by reputed organizations such as International Gemological Institute works well to get the best price out of your valuable diamonds.