Expert Tips For Evaluating The Quality Of Your Diamonds For Selling: A Step-By-Step Breakdown

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Expert Tips For Evaluating The Quality Of Your Diamonds For Selling: A Step-By-Step Breakdown


Diamonds are glitzy and captivating stone pieces that add the much-needed glamour quotient to any outfit. These treasured pieces come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. All types of diamonds have intricate blends of characteristics, such as carat, cut, clarity, and colors, that make them unique and help to determine the true value of these stones. In case you are planning to sell your solitaire diamonds, you can evaluate the quality of your diamond at your home. The best way to start your journey is to understand the 4 Cs to determine the quality. The blog features some of the tests that you can perform at your home to check the quality of your solitaires.

The 4 Cs That Denote The Diamond’s Quality

You must be certain about their quality to receive the best cash in exchange for your diamonds. Expert jewellers providing cash for diamond in Kolkata have the experience and knowledge that is required for assessing the quality of diamonds in their store. Jewellers and expert graders can evaluate your solitaire diamonds by employing systematic rating systems to ascertain specific characteristics. The 4 Cs paint a clear picture of your diamond’s quality.

The 4 Cs are:
  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Cut
  4. Carat

Evaluating The Diamond’s Quality: A Step-By-Step Breakdown

All of the 4 Cs must be considered for evaluating your diamonds’ quality. Furthermore, the official certification your diamond holds is also essential. You must perform all the below-mentioned tests to become around 90% sure about your diamond’s quality. Take a closer look at the six steps to check the quality of your diamond sitting at your home.

1. Start With The Fog Test

The fog test is a quick method for determining whether your diamond is real or not. Start with fogging up your piece of stone with breath by positioning it in front of your mouth. In case the fog clears up within three seconds, then your diamond must be authentic. However, if the fog on your diamond stays for more than ten seconds, your diamond might be a fake one. The science behind this theory is that real diamonds disperse heat within seconds. Ahead of attempting this method, make sure that your treasured stone is clean without any oil on its surface.

2. Move On To The Water Test

The water test is yet another method for finding the authenticity of your diamond. You drop your solitaire diamond into a glass of plain water. If the diamond sinks to the bottom of the glass, it denotes that your diamond can be authentic. The reason for this is that diamonds feature high density. In case the stone floats, there’s something wrong with your solitaire. The leading diamond buyers provide fair cash for diamond in Kolkata ; hence, if you are trying to sell your solitaires, get in touch with the top cash providers.

3. Perform The Magnifying Test

By using a magnifying glass, you can be certain about the quality of your piece of diamond. The magnifying test is performed to look for imperfections within the solitaire. If the diamond looks flawless, there is a high chance that your treasured stone is a fake one. The majority of the diamonds have some sort of flaws within them known as inclusions. If your diamond appears to be having a slight number of flaws, you can be quite certain about its authenticity.

4. Conduct The Black Light Test

Use a black light for determining whether your solitaire diamond is authentic or not. Turn off the room lights and position the diamond near the light. Then, patiently observe the reaction. Pure and authentic solitaire diamonds emit a glowing blue color. If the stone is unauthentic, you will notice a grey, yellow, or mild green light through the diamond. A black light test isn’t a conclusive one because not all diamonds emit a blue hue.

5. Continue With The Fire Test

Ignite your diamond for around 30-seconds, and then drop it in cold water. In case the diamond is unauthentic, it will start shattering into pieces as fake diamonds cannot withstand immediate rise and fall in the temperature. If your diamond is real, you won’t witness any reaction as real diamonds are naturally developed under increased heat and pressure under earth for millions of years, making them resistant to extreme levels of heat. That is a great method to test your solitaire diamond; however, the person must be careful while using fire. It is very important to take safety measures while performing this method, such as wearing heat-resistant gloves.

6. Using The Scratch Test

The scratch test is all about scraping the diamond on a mirror for checking whether it develops any minor or major scratches. Authentic diamonds are sturdy enough and don’t develop scratches. The most commonly used materials for making fake diamonds, such as cubic zirconia, black spinel, as well as moissanite, aren’t durable enough and aren’t resistant to scratch. This test can be inaccurate, and experts recommend following a loupe inspection process instead. According to leading providers of cash for diamond in Kolkata, the best way to become certain about the quality of diamonds is to visit expert quality checkers.

Summing Up

To check the authenticity of your diamonds, you can conduct all the tests that are mentioned above, and receive hot cash in exchange for old diamonds from leading diamond buyers. If your solitaire diamond passes the majority of the tests, you can remain 90% certain that yours is an authentic one. Still, to become 100% sure that the diamond you are trying to sell is a real one, get in touch with diamond-grading experts. Consider Cash On Old Gold, one of the leading diamond buyers, and receive top cash in exchange for the precious stones. 


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